We are a digital collective of creative designers, growth marketers, digital producers, and makers based in India, China, and the UK. We are keen to deliver top-notch content that’s in league with the latest digital trends. Orza is also available to develop, host, and optimize small to medium-sized business websites. Visit the services page or contact us to know more.

Core Expertise: WordPress, Design, Video Content, Social Media, Growth Strategy and Linux server administration (LEMP, Mail Servers, Firewalls, CDN, Custom Stack, etc.)

Orza is the brainchild of Mighil (米格), a Calicut⁠—Chengdu-based digital strategist and a minimalist that specializes in creative marketing for small and medium-sized businesses. Our team is all about building brands. Let’s create a growth plan, rich content and advertise your brand today.

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